Buying Tips

Buying Tips

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Obtain the vehicles unique serial number called the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. The VIN is stamped on a metal plate located in the engine bay. Alternatively, it can be found on the passenger front door jam. If all else fails, the service log book will contact the model details.

Use the VIN to search against an online Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) to determine whether the vehicle has been stolen, written off or financially encumbered.

Check the vehicle’s registration expiry on the State Department of Transport website. This information will assist you when it comes to budgeting the imminent running costs of the vehicle.

Check the exterior of the vehicle for any noticeable damage that could significantly affect the value of the vehicle. Also check the tyres to ensure there is sufficient tread. Check the oil level by removing the engine dipstick to ensure that the oil level is within the parameters marked on the dipstick.

Check the logbook history and the frequency of the service intervals, if the service and warranty booklet is available.